Organic frozen Blackberries

The whole frozen blackberry has the same properties and characteristics as the fresh one. Being such a perishable and seasonal fruit we offer this alternative.

They are 100% natural. It has neither preservatives, nor colorings nor any additives, just the blackberry itself.

Ideal for smoothies, yogurts or desserts among many other options.

Benefits of this fruit:

Natural antioxidants
Vitamins A, C and E
Good source of fiber
Good source of potassium
Good source of iron



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Product Details

Our organic frozen blackberries comes from the outdoor blackberry plantation that we grow ourselves. It maintains the same flavor as fresh and the same characteristics and benefits.

Sweet and refreshing taste, it is ideal for preparing juices, smoothies, ice creams, yogurts, salads, garnish for fish or meat, sauces or cakes, etc …

They are whole frozen blackberries. 100% natural and without any preservatives, colorants or additives.
We collect them manually in the field at their optimum moment of maturation, and after a cold shock, they go to the freezing chamber.

An artisan and natural product.

Weight 10 kg

1 kg/unit, Frozen Blackberry


Heat sealed bag


10 bags

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