Agroberry has been recognized for Innovation. We want to have our own chain of production. From field to the more elegant detail. That is the reason why Agroberry Events was run: for any type of event.

What better than to give to your guests something healthy, different, craftsmanship and, above all, from the field?

Agroberry for weddings has already taken its first steps and has been present in very special weddings. But we are also preparing our business line for baptisms, communions, corporate meetings, retirement or … events where your imagination reach!

Our Blackberries have had the honor of being the hospital´s gift for a new mom. That is because we got to where you want.

We are farmers and marketing experts. We pay attention to all the details for our customers. And because of that, we are different. But that is just, our identity.

We organize events that we ask for and always under a premise:



“What is sown with hands, it is collected from the heart”.

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