Organic fresh blackberries

Product available depending on the season.

End of June, July and until mid-August. We send them from our field to your house.

We fill our 125-gram trays directly on the farm. Then we give it a cold blow in our facilities so that in 24 hours you can enjoy them. An exquisite way to eat this healthy, natural fruit that is highly recommended for your health. Shipments throughout Spain by refrigerated transport to maintain the quality of the fruit.

Ecological certification No. CL9237FAE-02


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Product Details

Our cultivated Blackberries are organic and follow strict standards of sustainable agriculture. Berries that grow without cover and are free from the use of herbicides and pesticides. Some blackberries that we collect in the months of June-July and August, although we depend on the weather of each campaign.

Our plantation has more than 2,800 brambles that we take care of with care since our fruit is not wild. Hence the differentiation.

Dark, intense and bright color
Sweet taste. Ecological
Much larger caliber than wild ones.
No seeds that get stuck in your mouth like wild ones.
Much softer and more exquisite on the palate.

We collect them one by one, by hand, and take them directly to the final consumer. Always, in its optimal state of maturation. The fruit ripens on the plant.

Benefits of our black pearl:

Natural antioxidants
Vitamins A, C and E
Good source of fiber
Good source of potassium
Good source of iron

Weight 2 kg

125 gr/unit, Seasonal Blackberry


Tray (Tub)


10 Trays

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