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Agroberry is a young family business specializing in the production of blackberries. Located in a natural setting on the banks of the Esla in the province of Zamora, was born of the conviction to change the trend in the area. The market and the growing concern of people to eat healthily help us to run this business.

In its first year of life Agroberry received a national award from the hands of the Minister of Agriculture: “Innovative Young Farmer 2016″, which gives us courage and strength to further develop this project.

In 2017, the Zamora Association of Women Entrepreneurs (AZME) recognized us as Young Entrepreneur at its annual EVA awards gala. A pleasure to be recognized in your land.

And in 2018 we had the honor of collecting the Surcos Joven Award at the III Gala of these awards that are of recognized prestige at a regional level within the sector. The so-called “Oscar del Campo”.

Tenacity, know-how in agriculture, enthusiasm and vitality of Agripino join the motivation of an inexperienced agriculture who want to sum to the business providing what she does: market the product. All seasoned by the good work of Juana.

We want to make the primary sector and the countryside a place where you note to the last detail. We care about providing our customers with the best that gives us our land.

Our farm has 2 hectares where we planted our different varieties of blackberries so you can get it directly from the farm to your home in the months of June, July and August.